Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Good Haunt

Before I begin, I must be up front with you, and confess that I'm not really Jonathan, even though it will say it's him that is posting this. I'm just borrowing his screen name to write this, because I don't have my own. I'm sure he won't mind. I'd ask his permission, but I can't, because, well, I'm a ghost, and he can't see me. You see, I just read this blog about places the author loves to haunt, and I just felt the need to reply.

In the blog, the author said her favorite haunt of all was a coffee shop. Well, I mostly love to haunt old, crumbling houses. They just seem like the natural place for me to visit you know? I like making friends with the raccoons and squirrels that live in them. Once I even met a bigfoot! But he didn't have THAT big of feet, he was a men's size 12 at best.

I also like to haunt the occasional dilapidated barn. Owls are usually pretty hospitable, but cows are never very friendly, so I usually just stick to abandoned barns. Ancient hotels are also great. Anyplace that makes a li'l ol' ghost like me feel at home. :)

Sometimes I like more modern places, too. Right now I decided to haunt a coffee shop just like that blogger suggested! I wanted to try some coffee, but when I picked up a mug, the barista flipped out and started screaming. As she ran out the door she spilled all the coffee, so I can't try any after all.

This place is still great though, even with the unhelpful staff. Know why? It has free Wi-Fi access! I totally logged on right here to write this! I don't even need a computer! That's one of the perks of being a ghost, you know, internet access without a computer! I can catch all the Wi-Fi signals floating around me! Isn't that great?!

OK, well, I guess that's all. I'm going to go haunt YouTube for awhile. As a ghost, I can even get in and haunt the videos themselves! I think I'll go haunt the Annoying Orange for awhile. Maybe I can make friends with some of the millions of ghosts that are already there! A lot of poor fruits and vegetables have met untimely ends in that kitchen you know... Well, bye!

-The Ghost

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