Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Back Jared!

I will continue where I left off in my last post, only this time with pictures! We didn’t end up leaving right at ten, but we left in plenty of time. We got to Cedar Rapids at least an hour early, and after stopping to ask for directions, found the Ice Arena where the ceremony was being held.

Jared 226

As we entered, I noticed that they had a huge screen set up, and a very familiar movie was just starting.

Jared 004

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll remember earlier this year I wrote how much I loved the movie Rango.

Jared 005

A bunch of little kids went out into the arena and sat right in front of the screen.

Jared 028

The entire movie played before the soldiers arrived. I’ve been wanting my parents to see it, but we’re still going to have to watch it at home sometime, because it was so noisy there, I doubt they were even able to hear enough to figure out the plot.

About halfway through the movie, Eva, her parents, one of her sisters, and two of her nieces joined us.

Jared 017

Eva and Paige had done their toenails in Jared’s Honor.

Jared 021


Jared 025


Paige also had her hair done with patriotic ribbons.

Jared 213

They were all wearing homemade t-shirts with welcome back messages for Jared, and they had brought flags to wave.

Jared 044

Apparently one of the Muppets was in Jared’s platoon!

Jared 027

Finally, after being almost an hour late, the soldiers started marching in.

Jared 060

Jared 249

Can you spot Jared?

Jared 075

Jared 076

Jared 081

Jared 080

It took me awhile but I found him.

Jared 084

This was the literally the second after they released the troops.

Normally these next couple of photos would be instantly deleted because of the people standing in the way, but they were too perfect in capturing Jared at the moment of reuniting with Eva, so they stay.

Jared 088

Jared 089

Jared 098

Jared 102

Jared 104

Jared 105

Jared 118

Jared 120

Jared 121

Jared 126

Since it’s getting so late, I am going to publish this now and continue with more pictures tomorrow. I have a lot more coming. :)

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