Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Most Awesome Boring Class Ever!

I was just looking up my classes for next fall, and comparing textbook prices between my school’s bookstore and amazon.com. (Always go with amazon.com, kids. Your school bookstore is a fountain of greed and corruption, there to milk every last penny from your withered wallet while you stand there shedding bitter tears, watching them toss your money in the air and dance as it showers around them. Seriously though, amazon is WAY cheaper.)

This fall I signed up for Geography because I needed to get a diversity requirement out of the way, and I really didn't feel like taking African American History or some other liberal nonsense. Not that the history of blacks is inherently liberal or nonsense, but given the current political climate and the state of education in general, any college class that calls itself “African American History” and is listed in a section that fulfills a “Diversity Requirement” is bound to be an extremely left skewing class.

ANYway… Geography has never been one of my favorite subjects, and before today it was one of my least-looked-forward-to classes. I have been figuring that it was going to be the most boring class I had to take this semester. However, as I looked through the list of books I would be required to purchase, I came across this.

Coloring Book

Suddenly, I am looking forward to this class almost as much as Digital Photography and Painting. :D

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