Friday, July 1, 2011

Jiggle Your Groove Thang!

Today I was at the gym, minding my own business and walking around the track as I usually do. Suddenly I began to notice a loud, throbbing beat overpowering my Owl City. The closer I got to the basketball court, the more it drowned out my iPod. As I approached the first door, I saw a sight most horrifying! The basketball court had been taken over by a large group of exercising elderly women. The geriatric gym members themselves were not what was so unimaginably terrifying though. They are there quite often, lifting their tiny weights, and playing with their colorful exercise balls. What they were doing today, was quite different, and that was what frightened me so. Apparently they had grown tired of their regular “Sit-And-Be-Fit” routine, and were instead hold a Granny-Time Dance-a-Thon! The Horror! The unspeakable, eye-burning horror! Needless to say, I quickened my pace. For the rest of the morning I tried to avert my eyes as I passed the basketball court. I may never be the same again…


  1. *Laughs out loud.* Was it seriously that bad? XD

  2. Of course it was! Oh no! A flashback! GAAAH!!! THE WRINKLES!!! THE BOUNCING, FLAPPING WRINKLES!!!

  3. You're SO funny! *Loughs out loud again.*