Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Year Ago Today

I started this blog! Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year! And now, in addition to this blog, I have a photography blog, which you can find HERE, and a blog for sharing my thoughts and writings on various topics as well as videos or other things I find interesting enough to write about. You can find that blog HERE.
A LOT has happened over the last year. Our basement flooded, forcing me to move upstairs and live on the couch, I went back to school, and my brother was sent overseas to fight in Afghanistan.
I started focusing more seriously on photography as a possible future career, which prompted me to buy my first real camera, and I started taking classes in photography. In both semesters in school so far, I have been named on the president’s honor role, so pray that I can continue getting good grades and stay there!
Who knows what the next year holds. Our basement is slowly being repaired, and I recently moved back into my newly refurnished room. Jared is due to return home soon, probably sometime within the next two or three weeks. We don’t know the date, but we pray that it’s soon. I start my second year in school next month and hopefully I will continue to do as well grade-wise, as I have in the previous year.
Thanks to all who read this blog, and my other two. I am having a lot of fun writing for them, and I plan to keep going!


  1. For some reason I feel like you've been blogging logger than that. It just seems like you've always had this blog.

    I have faith that you will do well! You WILL get good grades and you WILL do well in whatever you put your mind to. You are very talented and artistic, and that will carry you far in the field that you have chosen.

    Keep up the good work! I'm rooting for you.:)

  2. Thanks. It's nice to hear that someone believes in me. :) It does seem longer than a year, but nope, today was my first "Blogiversary". :) Too bad this isn't an "Everybody-buys-me-presents" occasion. :p Actually I am fast approaching my 200th post as well!. :)

  3. Oops...I noticed I put "logger" instead of "longer" up there. :p

    That many posts already? WOW!:)