Saturday, July 30, 2011

It’s Been a LONG week

This week was finals week for my summer classes. I had a ton of algebra to finish if I wanted to get it all out of the way before the Fall semester.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I also had a quiz, a test, a paper, and a final exam all due throughout this week in Nutrition class.

If THAT wasn’t enough, I was scheduled for FOUR days at Hy-Vee. I usually get just a couple days, so why they chose this week of all weeks to give me a ton of hours is beyond me.

But wait, I’m not done. If those four days weren’t enough, one of my coworkers asked me to fill in a few hours for him because wasn’t going to be able to make it to work at 4 the next day, so I told him I would.

Is that all? No! At the beginning of the week we heard from Jared! He was headed for home! After a year in Afghanistan his tour of duty was finally over! So in addition to all this stuff I’ve had to deal with, I now had to find someone to cover my hours on Saturday, so that I could go with my family to meet him.

Needless to say this week has been just slightly stressful.

I suppose you are wondering how my finals went. The algebra class was a Pass/No Pass class. If I didn’t learn enough to pass I would have to pay for another semester and keep working on it this fall. Joel had already taken the course and he told me that everyone in his class had taken two full semesters to complete it. I did not want to do that. I do not like math. I “Get” math and I generally don’t have a problem with it if I know what I’m doing, but I do not like it, and I really did not want to have the expense of another whole semester. So I worked my tail off and this afternoon I took the final assessment to find out if I had learned enough to pass. And I did! I did in one half semester what it usually takes other students two FULL semesters to do. And I NEVER want to go through that again!

As soon as I was done with that test, I logged onto the school website to get into my final exam in Nutrition. As I explained before, our teacher is not in Harlan, so we had classes in the basement of the library, with video cameras and microphones. Our tests and assignments were all done at home over the internet. I was a bit nervous about getting that test done because I knew I’d be working on math at the same time the test was open. There was only a three hour window in which we could take it. I finished the math test about an hour before the nutrition test closed. Thankfully I knew the stuff on the test and I completely aced it. Zero questions wrong!

I got home at about 5 that evening and I was starving. I had been so busy with school stuff, and nervous about the tests, that I hadn’t eaten anything all day. That was rather new for me. I’ve always heard of people being “Too nervous to eat,” but I’d never had it happen to me before today. Mom called me soon after I got home and asked me to make tuna salad for supper. She had been at work all day and was headed for home. We were going to leave right after supper, and as you might have guessed, I hadn’t even thought about packing yet.

Right now I am in bed in my grandparent’s basement. I have no internet connection, so when I’ll get a chance to publish this is anyone’s guess. I hope I’ll be able to find a Wi-Fi hot spot somewhere tomorrow before we meet Jared, but if not, you’ll read this when we get home tomorrow night.

I’d better sign off for now and get some sleep, we are going to try to get to Cedar Rapids by noon tomorrow, so we’ll probably leave at ten in the morning.


EDIT: As you can see I didn’t get this published before we met Jared. I took lots of pictures, so look for them sometime soon!

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